Carol Gardner

Encouraging. Curious.


Carol began her study of yoga in San Diego, where the first class she took was an Iyengar class. Over the years she has tried other styles but always returned to Iyengar style yoga for its precision and attention to detail. She also appreciates the Iyengar focus on the safety of the students. After moving to Charlottesville in 2010, she began to study at Allied Yoga with Mary Bridle. Not long after, she began teacher training with Sandra Pleasants and Shaaron Honeycutt. She has also participated in several workshops with senior Iyengar teachers. Carol passed her Introductory 1 and 2 assessment to become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in the fall of 2016. A mother of 3 children, she finds a regular yoga practice provides a sense of emotional well-being that is critical in a hectic life.

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